01. The government hopes that by raising taxes on cigarettes, it will be able to [reduce] the number of teenagers who start smoking.
02. Criminologists believe that the [reduction] in violent crime in this country is due to the fact that our population is aging, and our birth rate is down, so there are fewer people of the age that most commonly commit crimes.
03. Japan and China have just signed an accord promising to [reduce] barriers to trade.
04. The city is trying to [reduce] the amount of garbage going to the municipal dump by encouraging recycling.
05. You can [reduce] heat loss from your apartment by making sure all your windows are airtight.
06. The government has decided to [reduce] taxes for families with children in order to increase the birth rate.
07. After injuring his knee in a fall from his bicycle, Nigel put ice on it to [reduce] the swelling.
08. There is a Spanish proverb which states that to be rich, one should not collect money, but [reduce] one's needs.
09. Jose Ortega y Gasset once stated that civilization is nothing more than the effort to [reduce] the use of force to the last resort.
10. The Black Death [reduced] the population of Europe by one third in the period from 1347 to 1351.
11. In Asia, human population growth has [reduced] the elephant population to approximately 40,000.
12. Between the mid-1860s and 1883, the buffalo population in North America was [reduced] from an estimated 13 million to a few hundred.
13. Researchers have found that allergy sufferers experience a significantly [reduced] ability to learn.
14. Aspirin is widely used for relieving pain, and [reducing] fever in adults.
15. If governments are serious about stopping terrorism, then our goal must be to [reduce] the level of poverty in the world.
16. Studies show that [reducing] the amount of salt in your diet lowers your blood pressure.
17. [Reducing] wind resistance in motor vehicles aids in increasing gas mileage.
18. The 1979 revolution in Iran greatly [reduced] the nation's earlier rate of economic growth.
19. Piranhas can [reduce] an entire cow to a skeleton in just 30 minutes.
20. [Reducing] our consumption of natural resources does not necessarily mean [reducing] our quality of life.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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